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    What's the cheapest official training I can do for VCP6.5?

    ChrisFD2 Enthusiast
    VMware EmployeesvExpert

      Hi all,


      I've been working on VMware for around 10 years now, way back on 2.5 at the start.


      While online training or attending a course would provide some benefit, a lot of it is going to be stuff that I've been doing in various capacities in my career.


      Does anyone know what the cheapest VCP6.5-DCV qualifying training course is, preferably one that starts 8/9 AM UK time and is online?


      For some reason I thought passing the VCP6.5-DCV exam would be enough but after passing it yesterday and actually reading the requirements, I was wrong! I don't think I'll have much difficulty doing the foundations exam, however due to being self-employed I find it difficult to part with £5k or so just to achieve official certification. If I'm spending that sort of money I'd rather do a VCAP level course where I feel I'd learn a lot more.


      Had I have known yesterday I would have probably sat the remaining two MCSA exams for 2012 and then upgraded it to 2016.



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