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    Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (Redstone 4)(RS4)(1803) host status?

    Asteroza Novice

      I have been reading that as part of increasing security measures, Microsoft is planning on rolling out Credential Guard/Device Guard and HVCI features to all SKU's in this windows 10 release. With Hyper-V effectively on by default, this will basically screw everyone running even slightly older VMware products on windows 10.


      Microsoft allegedly is pushing to provide nested hypervisor functionality to Hyper-V to support VMware use cases via a new API for this new windows 10 release, but I haven't seen much about this. Regardless, if VMware does move to support this new API, I would imagine a new major release number, and corresponding license upgrade fees.


      Has there been more definitive news regarding using Workstation in a credential guard and HVCI enabled environment (which will be the default in the future), or are we still stuck with disabling all that?




      Here's that API stuff from microsoft, now called Windows Hypervisor Platform (WHPX)