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    VMware ICM 6.5 VLC (Online Training) - Insatisfaction

    thpereira Lurker

      First of all I want to apologize if this is in the incorrect place, I just could not see any where else to post. If needs to be removed, please let me know the correct place.


      I have a interesting situation right now that some of you may have gone through this or perhaps can help with your point of view. I am currently attending an VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.5] Online format (VLC - Virtual Live Class). Today was my first day and I had a couple of highlights I wanted to shared;


      1- Training was supposed to start at 9AM according to the Training Center who provided an Skype link. At 8:45AM myself and other two students were connected. 9:30AM no sign or even an email from the Center, then I called them and 9:35AM the instructor logged to the session.

      1.1 - Once instructor connected to the skype session, we started to face voice and video issues, skype call being dropped and video not working properly. 10:25AM instructor and local support were able to fix the problem and the class started.


      2- Once the training "finally" started the instructor shared slides and started going through them, which is fine, but after a couple of hours the only thing he was going was reading the slides, not going on the details for any features or functionality and once I asked about UEFI Secure Boot (He didnt know how to explain what that was and asked to look on google) and asked him about the ESXi Versions and limitations which he responded that this question/topic wasnt part of that training then he send me the vmware link. WHAT????


      3- Couple hours later he shared the VLAB which I couldnt get connected to and they are still looking into that issue.


      I just had a different IT Training around Backup solution which it was GREAT. Instructor very skilled, explaining the content and giving real examples, helping us through the labs etc, not only that, their online class platform using Adobe worked perfectly.


      I will not mention names or anything, but my point is around the training quality not only from a logical (labs standpoint) but also from a instructor standpoint. It is fine reading few ppts, but when I can questions I dont want to be redirected to a site and have vague answers....


      I would like to know if any of you have seen this or gone through a similar situation with VMware training?


      Thanks in advance.