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    Log Insight Agent Install on VCSA 6.5?

    nem1s1s Enthusiast

      Is the Log Insight Agent install supported onto vCSA 6.5? I am finding conflicting information. I am running Log Insight Agent Version 4.5.0-5654101 and vCSA 6.5 U1.

      This thread indicates it is not supported;

      "So the content pack is correct and so is the agent config note. I was too quick to reply. The content pack supports vSphere 6.5 but log insight agent cannot be installed on vCenter 6.5 (which is based on photon OS) and hence the agent config cannot be used for vSphere 6.5. Hope this helps."

      Whereas this blog seems to indicate installing Linux RPM on VCSA 6.5 has no issues.

      VCSA Log Insight Agent Install