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    Vsphere upgrade from 5.5 to 6.5

    uramanat Lurker

      Hello friends,


      I have a question.

      Our current ESXI version is 5.5 U2 and planning to upgrade to 6.5 U1.

      Total no of host is 32 no's with single license key (I don't want to split the license keys);

      Each host is dual cpu hosts.so total 64 capacity licenses with single key.


      Now which is the best method:


      1. To upgrade license keys to version 6.0 in myvmware portal and then upgrade the esxi hosts? or

      2. Upgrade esxi hosts to 6.5 and then upgrade license keys in my VMware portal?


      Please note all 32 hosts upgrade will be done in phase wise and will take 1 to 2 weeks time for the completion of upgrade.


      So if I'm following the point :2, then will my hosts be in evaluation mode for 60 days or until I assign a new license? or will go disconnected? or any issues would happen? Issues to VMS in it?


      Appreciate your help on it