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    Minimum Azure Core Requirement

    DionneNoella Lurker
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      Hello HzC on Az Experts,


      Wanted to clarify something real quick around the minimum number of cores required for setting up Horizon Cloud on Azure. Would it be possible to achieve a setup using MSoft free subscription credits valued at $50 / $200? ( This equals ~ 60 Cores --> 20 each for Av2/DV2/DV3 series )

      Example: Monthly Azure credit for Visual Studio subscribers / Azure Free Trial | Microsoft Azure

      Or would there be a need to Pilot the offering using a pay as you go model?


      Note: Only after requesting a Core Increase of 40 each (total of 120 cores) for AV2/DV2/DV3 did the Azure parameters get accepted for proceeding with Node build out on the Admin Console

      Want to clarify if this is a criterion for spin up.



      Kind Regards,

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          peterbrown05 Expert
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          Hi Dionne,

          I have been able to create a POC environment without 'spending any money', however, Horizon Cloud Service requires the use of F Series cores (for the jump box). These are not available on the free trial, and in order to request these, you do need to convert to the PAYG model. That said though, you can convert - deploy a node, spin up some desktops, do some testing all within the 1 month, and if required then avoid spending anything more than the free $200 trial - providing you then delete all objects and stop within the 1 month.


          Im sure you will enjoy the service though, and so stopping shouldn't be something you want to do! ;D




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            DionneNoella Lurker
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            Thank You for confirming, Peter, that most certainly clarifis the concern around the Free Trial amounts not working