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    ds3webdriver Process Terminated Unexpectedly

    kisst Lurker

      I'm struggling to get a score on this environment and run out of ideas already.


      STAX Job Monitor shows the following errors:

      Process: Tile 0: DS3WebC (Iteration 0) failed to start/complete. Returned: RC = 1. STAFResult =

      DS3WebC Abort : Tile 0 : Iteration 0 ds3webdriver Process Terminated Unexpectedly


      Last time I got this for DS3WebA0 and DS3WebC0. In the WRF files there are a lot of time-out and login errors, see attached. Also attaching DS3WebB0 for comparison, that one succeeded this time, but with many errors.


      My plan was to run 4 tiles in a 3 host cluster, however I'm seeing these errors with only one tile already. I tried to redeploy the tile, even to create a new PrimeClient, to no avail. NTP and timezone settings were also checked.


      Any tip on how to troubleshoot this issue further? Or could this be a problem with the environment? Your help is greatly appreciated.