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    VMWare Management Network Redundancy Question

    DefenderAtkins Novice

      Hi all,


      I have 3 hosts with 2 Fibre NICs (vmnic5 and vmnic4) which are connected to 2 stacked fibre switches (Fibresw 1 and Fibresw2).


      I also have a Distributed Switch set up in my vSphere for this cluster with Mgmt port group for management network.


      This Mgmt port group has teaming and failover set up as below:



      Please ignore the Ethernet NIC. Is this the right way to do it? One active and one standby or does it have to be Active Active?

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          prateekpatalVCP Enthusiast

          Stand by up-link will only be in use when active physical network down And Active-Active Esxi balance the load across the switches and fail over.Based on the Load balancing policy "route based on originating virtual port id" Active-Active will work fine i believe.

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            ujjwal2018 Novice
            VMware Employees

            You can have the Active/ Standby configuration as well as Active/Active configuration for the Management Network Port group , unless you are using etherchannel/lacp on the physical switch . For etherchannel / lacp you need all adapter as active on the vmware side along with load balancing set to IP Hash( etherchannle ) or create LAG ( in case of LACP ) .



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