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    vmmark3 launching STAX error

    niceguy001 Enthusiast

      okay, this issue is strange enough...


      i had finished the provision of tiles of vmmark3 on my test infrastructure and ready to execute a run.

      when i click and launch the VMmark3-StartSTAX

      the following error messages and windows showed up:


      STAX Service Machine: local

      STAX Service Name: STAX


      Error listing settings on STAX service machine


      Request: LIST SETTINGS

      RC: 6



      Verify the STAX Monitor’s properties


      and another error window popped up after clicking the OK button:


      Could not register for Job events


      STAX local Event REGISTER TYPE:26:STAX/localhost.localdomain SUBTYPE Job MAXATTEMPTS 1



      RC: 6, Result:


      after clicking the OK button, the STAX 3 Job Monitor showed up, indicating the test run could possibly be executed.

      i don't see settings which worth to change in the STAX Monitor Properties, no matter machine name or service name,

      and there's no .cfg file exists under the /VMmark3/tools/ folder for me to troubleshoot...


      is it a domain register issue? something's wrong with STAX or VMmark3 bug?

      many thanks!