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    VCSA 6.5 does not send alerts to e-mail

    Sebasian Lurker


      I have the following problem. Currently, I installed a new Vcenter Server Appliance in version I can not cope with sending notifications via VCSA that does not work.

      My external mail server for sending notifications works fine. Notifications from other devices affect my inbox.

      I would also like to emphasize that our mail server (mail.companydomain.com) is open to the IP address and ports of the VCSA server.

      Configuration in the VCSA GUI is in the instructions (Vcenter General-> Mail) in the fields are filled in as follows:

      mail server - mail server address (mail.companydomain.com),

      mail sender - (helpdesk@companydomain.com)

      When using the VCSA console, the command:

      echo "Subject: sendmail test" | sendmail -v my.email@companydomain.com

      the mail is forwarded to my mailbox.

      This is how my sendmail works in VCSA. Where to look for a problem?  It's need any additional settings?


      best wishes,