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    LAB - Shared Storage Advice for 2 Physical ESXi Hosts

    5aq1b Novice

      I have had 2 physical ESXi boxes (HP Proliant Gen8) running 5.5 for a while now and would like to try and explorer the advantages that shared storage brings.  I have a spare HP N36L - would this be sufficient for me to use as a shared storage box?  Ideally I'd like to remove my hard drives from the 2 ESXi boxes and store them in the shared storage box.


      What methods do you guys recommend that would improve my shared storage hands on knowledge, and give me the most 'corporate' like setup?  I've heard of FreeNAS, OpenFiler, Starwind etc but just not too sure which road to venture down.  iSCSI? NFS? Why one over the other?


      Are there any caveats I should be aware of?