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    Planning Policies for an enviroment with only one cluster but with prod and test workload

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      So, I have been studying for the past 2 weeks how to customize policies for specific enviroments.It is a production enviroment? Probably better to use allocation and not demand. It is a test enviroment? You can go with demand because maybe consolidation it's your goal in a dev enviroment.  All of this choices makes sense to me if you have different clusters for each enviroment (because you can make those choses at the vSphere Cluster Resources level). But usually in my clients I see one cluster with all the workload (prod + test/dev) in there. The workload is usually divided by VM folders and that's it.


      My question is: When you have your enviroment divided by folders and not by clusters, how do you proceed with the policies? Do you leave the "vSphere Cluster Resources" more conservative and only changes the Virtual Machine level parameters?