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    Motherboard Swap - Potential Issues to address

    RAY63 Lurker

      I was running 5.0U2 on an Asrock Z77 Extreme 4, however, the MB appears to have died.


      Will I be able to just swap the motherboard with another (eg Asus P5QE, that I tested under Esxi 5.1 years ago, so might work under 5.0U2, or a new X10SRA that is on the 5.5V2 HCL, or P10S-E/4L 6.0U1 and 6.0U2 HCL) and expect everything to work without problems?


      My biggest concern is my FreeNAS VM, that uses RDMs, and I am concerned that changing the MB, and/or a new install of ESXI will change the RDM mapping.


      The only reason to consider using the old P5QE MB would be to check I have all the back ups I need, before a proper upgrade of the Host.


      Are there any precautions I need to take before booting the host on a new MB, or starting the FreeNAS VM?