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    Use Windows session authentication checkbox not working vCenter SSO 6.5.0U1e

    jrhaakenson Novice

      I am running a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) with Platform Services Controller (PSC) on 6.5.0U1e and it is successfully joined to my Active Directory domain.  I can successfully login to my vSphere Web Client using my AD credentials when I type them manually into the VMware vCenter Single Sign-On login screen.  However, if I select the checkbox to Use Windows session authentication (which auto-populates the user name and password fields with the same AD credentials) I get an Invalid Credentials notification.  I cannot login using the checkbox.  Why?  I have verified all VCSA hosts and hostname files are configured correctly, the domain and FQDN of the VCSA is configured correctly, IP, etc... The domain logins work fine except when using the checkbox.


      EDIT.  I should also mention I have the Enhanced Authentication plug-in installed, I've uninstalled the older Client Integration Plugin, and I am using Mozilla Firefox for which I had to complete a short workaround to permanently store an exception to use the vmware plugin in my browser in order to be able to check the checkbox.  The checkbox remains greyed out in Edge and IE.

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