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    Keyboard erratic in Windows 7 but not in Mac

    Zirbelholz Lurker


      I am running VmWare Fusion 10.1.1 on a Macbook Pro with an external keyboard and monitor attached.

      Windows 7. Keyboard if Logictech K120, a Windows keyboard.


      I have recently started having problems with my keyboard but only in Windows 7, not when I am using the browser on the Mac side.


      Problems: 1) the caps lock keeps turning on although I haven't touched it 2) multiple letters appear, e.g. "mmultttiple llleeetters" (seen in Microsoft Word).


      I use Windows to translate as there is a CAT translation program I use that is Windows-only.


      Normally I would think it is a hardware keyboard error and buy a new keyboard. But I have no problems in Mac, only in Windows.


      Has anyone any suggestions as to how to correct this problem?