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    MacOS10.8 VM, installing Final Cut Studio3, VRAM/GPU error

    akita328 Lurker



      I have created a VM of MacOS 10.8 on my machine (MacPro running OS 10.12).  I am trying to install Final Cut Studio in the VM OS10.8 environment, and keep getting this error:



      I have tried changing the VRAM size on the .vmx by adding:

      svga.vramSize =  134217728


      the VM OS says that I have 128MB VRAM, but the installer still says I have 0MB VRAM, and also does not see the graphics card the host has (Radeon HD 5770 with 1024MB VRAM)



      can someone help me how to trick the installer to "see" that it has enough VRAM and also see the GPU of the host?