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    Site A cannot see Site B but Site B can see Site A and B in ELM

    derrellb Lurker

      Good morning all,


      I am working with a client in which I have created 2 Sites.  Site A and Site B.  I am using 2 External PSC's.  I have joined the 2nd PSC to the first and I have joined both VCSA's to their respective PSC.


      Site A

      1 Ext. PSC

      1 VCSA


      3 Hosts


      Site B

      1 Ext. PSC

      1 VCSA


      3 Hosts


      I completed Site A, and I have put Site A's PSC on the Domain and rebooted the Node.  After setting up Site B, both Site's were able to see each other.  I then went to put Site B on the Domain as well.  After rebooting the PSC Node on site B, I am able to see both Sites through Site B.  You can see both sites in the inventory and you can go to the Linked vCenter tab and see site A as well as how many hosts Site A has and VM's.


      Upon logging off and back onto Site A, I can no longer see Site B from site A in the inventory.  If I go to the Linked vCenter's Tab on site A, I see that there is...or was an instance from site B.  However, this time, the site no longer shows the vCenter logo but instead a box icon.  It doesn't show hosts or VM's but over to the right it shows linked.


      However, when I hit the home button and go to administration, and then roles.  I can see both sites.  I can select the drop down and look at each sites roles.  When I go to the System Configuration section, I can see both PSC's and both vCenter's.  When I am logged into Site A, All services appear green except for 2.  I have 2 "Unknown services" and when I select it, all it shows is the name of Site B.  When I log into Site B, all services are green.


      I thought it may be permissions.  If I go to site B and go to Global permissions, I see the Admin group from the Domain with global permissions.  When I go to the main screen of the VCSA on site B, and select the permissions tab, it shows that same Domain group 2 times.  the first one shows it will Global permissions.  The second time on the list says "This Object and its Children".  When I go to site A, I see the same Domain Group also listed under Global permissions.  However, when I go to the main screen of the VCSA and select permissions, it only has 1 instance of this Domain group.  It doesn't say Global permissions but only "This Object and its Children".


      Not sure if it is supposed to be that way since they are linked and as long as 1 of them has Global Permission, it would cross over to both sites.


      The issue is that even when I log into the local Adminstrator@vsphere.local, which has all adm. rights, Site B is still missing from Site A's inventory.


      Other thing of note.


      1.  I have run the date command on all 4 appliances and they are all synced to the NTP.

      2.  I have placed a trouble ticket with the helpdesk and I am awaiting their response.


      I am thinking it will be resolved if I restart the Site A PSC, but I really hate rebooting the nodes.  I have had VCSA's not come back up after a reboot and really cant afford to have this thing crash.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          derrellb Lurker

          So we were able to resolve this and it was pretty easy...well maybe not!


          I got tech support on the call and about an hour and 15 minutes, and we couldn't get the VCSA's to sync.  we checked the certs, checked time sync, etc...


          The tech support guy brought in a top level technician and this is what he did.


          service-control --stop vsphere-client

          cd /usr/lib/vmware-vsphere-client/

          ls -ltrh


          cd server/


          mv work work_old

          service-control --start vsphere-client


          Not sure what it did, but it changed the work folder to work_old.  When the service was started again, whatever feature the "work" folder is a part of, created the work folder all over again.


          Hope this helps anyone.