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    Windows vCenter 6.0 to VCMA 6.5 + HA

    packetboy Enthusiast


          I need to upgrade \ migrate an existing vCenter 6.0 Windows box.  Its got about 50 Nutanix hosts and 2500 VDI vm's.


      I need to do the following:


      Upgrade to VCSA 6.5

      Move the VM to a different DC so it will get a new IP Address as well.

      Possibly add vCenter HA to it.


      It currently has an embedded PSC.


      My plan is the following:

      In place migrate upgrade to the VCSA 6.5 keeping the PSC embedded.

      Move the VM to the other DC and change the IP address.

      Reconnect all the hosts after the IP change? VMware Knowledge Base   Is this KB still applicable for 6.5?

      Add HA to it another day under a different CR.


      Does the above seem an OK plan?   Are there any other gotchas you guys can think about changing the IP of the appliance other than reconnecting hosts?