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    "Double-hop" VDI connections

    LoZ Lurker

      Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on setup for a client which has users needing to connect (via Horizon) to 2 VDIs.


      They have offshore users with ThinOS clients connecting to a 'production' VDI, but that then need to connect from that VDI to a 'development' VDI.


      I'm wondering about the best method. We've had them access via Internet Explorer/BLAST, but there have been complaints about performance. Due to that they tend to fall back to using Remote Desktop/MSTSC which, while better performing, introduces its own problems with name resolution and the need for the individual user (or Domain Users) to be a member of the local Remote Desktop Users group.


      Does anyone have any experience of this 'double-hop' requirement, and which protocol/client method is the best?


      Thanks in advance!

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          PaulMurphyCO Novice

          So the users connect to the 'production' VDI and once connected they use that vm to access the 'development' VDI?


          It may not be pretty, but you could try installing the Horizon client on the production VMs, then once the users are logged into production they could launch the Horizon client from the production VM to access the development VDI.