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    External Clients cannot connect with PCOIP (Blast Ok) Not your normal PCOIP Issue  NEED HELP from the EXPERTS

    Super6VCA Hot Shot

      i have 3 VMware techs totally stumped so that is why i need the experts and this has to be the place.  Her is the scenario..


      Had a View 7.0.1 environment that was working just fine.  I updated to View 7.4 (all servers and agents) and all hell broke lose.  The only way that users can  connect from outside the office is with BLAST of HTML.  PCOIP will not work.  Gets slow login to desktop then black screen then timeout message. The odd thing is that i cannot get any desktop to listen on Port 4172.  The stranger thing is that if i try to connect to the same desktop from within my office it works fine with PCOIP.  So there is no tunneling with the internal users. If i do a netstat -a it doesn't show 4172 LISTENING on UDP or TCP.  With a connection internally with teh same netstat command it shows them listening.  Had my firewall tech look at teh logs on the ASA and it shows 4172 traffic going through all subnets. However I can telnet from the security server to any subnet PC and the connection is good.  When i try that same test from the security server to teh subnet the connection get refused,


      I have been on the phone with vmware for a total of 6 hours with no luck yet.  i just uploaded the log bundles from all devices for them to view.


      Here is what i think i know...

      Computers in the subnet all wok fine internally

      Computers Externally work only with Blast and HTML

      No iPad or Android devices work Externally but do internally via wifi

      Firewall is Passing 4172 per my  Cisco tech

      Security server is passing 4172 to other subnets


      Question...Do you think that placing another Security server paired with another broker on a different public IP would give me any valid info??


      Any Comments, Questions, Ideas, or thoughts are welcome.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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