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    Finding VM name and invalid Port IDs on Virtual Portgroups

    NordalLund Lurker

      Hi all,

      We have an issue where restored VM's get an invalid Port ID in the virtual portgroup. The VM is connected to the network, and at first glance working as expected. But when trying to migrate the VM, we will get an error (vim.fault.notfound)

      The solution is to change the port id to a valid one. Usually the invalid Port ID will begin with "c-" so the c dash will indicate we have an invalid Port ID and we need to fix it. 

      I am trying to create a script to locate VM's with a Port ID starting with "c-" but until now i havent been able to extract the Port ID value with powercli. Maybe someone in here are able to help?

      FYI, the restores are donw with CommValut, maybe some of you have experienced the same issue?

      Best Regards, Kasper