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    ESXI Software/Onboard RAID Intel® C236 Chipsatz

    NiklasGEU Lurker



      I just wanted to ask if there is by now a method to use a software-raid with the ESXI-Hypervisor. I am using the inbuild RAID-Funktion of the Fujitsu D3446-Mainboard with Intel C236 chipset and as far as I can say from my investigation it seems that it is not a hardware but a software RAID.


      I already found some topics about this but wanted to make sure that:


      1. Intel C236 chipset is actually using a software RAID and there is not any other problem with it (The current symptom is that whether I created a RAID 1 in the BIOS the ESXI 6.5 Installer shows two independend disks)
      2. There is still no workaround to use a software raid, for example via adding the driver to the esxi-installer like I can do for windows based OS.


      Thanks in advance,