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    VM Fusion Windows 10 mouse Windows to Mac focus issue

    uks9235 Lurker

      I recently messed up and had to do a fresh install of Windows 10 in VMware using the Windows 10 ISO file and Fusion's click through menu to install and configure Windows 10.  VM Fusion is running on an Apple MAC.  I do not have the two linked, but separated per the setup options.


      My issue: I am in Windows and move the mouse to activate the Apple Dock. The Dock appears, but the mouse cursor 'slides' underneath the dock and I can't select my apple App.  I have to toggle the Command Key/Tab Key to get to Apple and the dock. Why is the mouse cursor not able to 'focus' on the Apple Dock when in Windows now?  This was never an issue before.


      Thanks for any feedback or sources to go to.


      uks9235 - Colorado