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    vCenter 6.x on Win migration to VCSA 6.5 on a different AD domain

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      I'm planning a migration to 6.5. All servers are VM's.


      Current state

      vCenter 6.0.x on Windows 2012 with embedded PSC and external SQL database

      VUM on separate Windows 2012 server

      Both in an isolated small MS Active Directory domain we plan to retire


      Future state

      2 qty External PSC's (PhotonOS) fronted by F5 VIP

      2 qty vCenter/VUM HA pair (PhotonOS)

      Join existing MS AD domain (that all our servers are in)


      I know you can migrate a Windows vCenter 6.x to a VCSA 6.5 with the migration assistant. I concerned about needing to change the AD domain as part of the migration.


      Anybody have any experience with this?