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    VDI performance very poor after upgrading to distributed switch from standard switch

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      Hello. We have 9 ESXi servers that we were hosting VDI Horizon View 6.0. We updated all hosts to vmware 6.5u1, and we converted all our standard switches previously set on these hosts to one distributed switch. The new distributed switch has port groups for iSCSI to our dell compellent LAN, and a group for managment network, one for vmotion, and one for the VDI guests to use.

      it seems since we did this, many or most of our VDIs are now very sluggish, when reaching peak use during the production day. It worked a lot better under the standard switch. We've eliminated probably every cause except the distributed switch. It seems to work OK until more and more people jump into their VDI. The connection server runs on windows 2012 R2, and worked fine before. We only have maximum 86 users, however, most users are NVIDIA Pascal GPU users if that matters.

      Has anyone had a similiar situation? have you investigated a distributed switch for poor VDI performance? The vdi desktop is very choppy and in fact kicks some people right out, that seems to be the fault of the connection server while under production load.

      Can anyone suggest HOW to analyze the distributed switch performance, to see what's going on? How about best practices for the distirbuted switch so it works like it's supposed to? Yes, we did call enterprise Vmware support, they haven't been much help yet.

      The problem seems to be when we went from standard switches on each host to one distributed switch. we thought to cancel the distr switch and go back to standard switches, but that is NOT working out at all on our test machine!





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