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    Failed to get disks while trying to restore single files on Linux

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      I'm trying to restore single files from VDP backup of linux machines (vSphere Data Protection Linux File Level Restore - VMware vSphere Blog).


      Everything is at the most recent release. When I try to mount the backup in the flash client (https://VDP_APPLIANCE:8543/flr) I get this error:

      Failed to get disks: Failed to determine the partition type. Verify that all the disks on the VM have valid/supported partitions 


      I tried with nodes with various disk structures, but the error is always the same:


      NAME   FSTYPE LABEL UUID                                 MOUNTPOINT
      ├─sda1 ext4         749c6053-e217-4446-a753-bcfdc426df8c /
      ├─sda2 swap         b82985f9-e84f-41f3-8a29-9424bc14d513 [SWAP]
      └─sda3 ext4         c0d3298e-e1bc-4e67-beef-c18176965959 /tmp


      NAME             FSTYPE      LABEL        UUID                                   MOUNTPOINT
      └─sda1           xfs                      8b6d50d8-cfb8-4020-bfe8-3be977eba7c9   /boot
      └─sdb1           LVM2_member              DohVGH-Nz0v-6LQq-Kjn7-VDRJ-yGfh-9jv7LP
        ├─vglocal-root xfs                      c5999e7e-4711-4fbb-a166-0fe81594233f   /
        └─vglocal-swap swap                     10ad0584-2a34-4cce-9007-11dece9c1c84   [SWAP]


      NAME            FSTYPE      LABEL UUID                                   MOUNTPOINT
      ├─sda1          xfs               5e350928-01d7-43b9-b325-ecad28742610   /boot
      └─sda2          LVM2_member       3jZTd6-ic0Z-u8vZ-s7Qq-ZRa5-kvBg-Kimgfq
        ├─centos-root xfs               6c10a246-9514-4491-a7fd-a74861638507   /
        └─centos-swap swap              fb55c267-2440-4b4d-9671-de8d295cf121   [SWAP]


      VDP manual says that at least ext4 (first try) should be supported. By the way, is it possible that XFS (the default RedHat filesystem) is not supported at all?


      Thank you very much!