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    Display Message after Logon

    JohnTwilley Hot Shot

      I know this has been discussed in the past, but thought I'd bring it up again...in case the UEM developers need enhancement ideas!


      I know that many of us would like an easier method of alerting/notifying users upon login.  Whether for upcoming maintenance, or general alerts.

      The Horizon Global Alert is too broad, and causes confusion for users that do not need the alert.  A per-pool alert would be best...


      UEM has a Message Alert option, but is only triggered by Lock workstation, Unlock workstation, Disconnect session and Reconnect session.

      If UEM added  "Connect" as a Display Message option, our lives would be greatly enhanced.    This would be a great feature enhancement!


      Yes, as a work around we can add a logon task for something like:  msg %username% Notice: This is an alert.    But it is not as nice as the built-in UEM Message box.


      If anyone has created a nice ALERT workaround, please feel free to share your ideas here. 

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          Hi JohnTwilley,


          Glad to hear you like the built-in UEM message box :-) It's not officially documented, but I'm not planning on changing it, so:


          FlexEngine.exe -m "Your title" "First line" "Second line" "Third line"


          You can add more lines by adding more arguments. If you want an empty line, specify   as the argument:


          FlexEngine.exe -m "Now with an empty line" "First line" "" "Second (well, third :-) line"

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            JohnTwilley Hot Shot

            Wow.  That is very helpful!! 

            I appreciate you sharing this neat little trick!  I'd have never thought to use the FlexEngine -m switch like that...

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              Vkmr Expert

              Simply super!!!


              Can we use this feature as logon task?

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                Hi ,


                Nope, as the docs state: Logon and Logoff tasks run "invisibly" so they cannot be used to start applications and do not support user interaction.


                So, if you wanted to use this to show a message to the user at logon, you'd have to create a shortcut in the Startup folder, or configure this to run through File Explorer's Run key.

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                  JohnTwilley Hot Shot

                  I've created this as a Shortcut in the startup folder, and it is working fantastic in Windows 7 (32/64-bit) & Windows 10.


                  Target: %ProgramFiles%\Immidio\Flex Profiles\FlexEngine.exe

                  Arguments: -m "Reminder: Two Factor Authentication" "Reminder: Effective March 1st, all VDI users must register for Two Factor Authentication." "Please be sure to click the 'Two-Factor Self Registration' icon on your VDI desktop to avoid interruption to your remote access." "" "Thank you!"


                  Now I can target individual pools with Notices/Announcements.

                  Very Cool.