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    vSphere HA and VM restart priority

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      I read this post (https://www.brianjgraf.com/2016/10/17/vsphere-6-5-vsphere-ha-whats-new-part-4-vm-restart-priorities/ ). I understand that I can control VM restart orders.


      I also read this post (https://ha.yellow-bricks.com/restarting_virtual_machines.html ), it mentions:


      Prioritization is done by each host and not globally. Each host that has been requested to initiate restart attempts will attempt to restart all top priority virtual machines before attempting to start any other virtual machines.


      So, it's the host that prioritize the VMs which will be restarted on that host. For example, three VMs will be restarted on three hosts (one VM per host), then no priorities among the three VMs at all. Is that true?