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    ESXI 6.5 host increase memory and not getting stable even no activity in VM client

    Rickyboy2018 Lurker

      Hi I'm using ESXI 6.5 update 01 in Dell power edge 720, with a memory of 127 GB and with 3 VM running, one of my VM is running apache server and other was only File server,

      The problem is that if there is no activity in each Guest, but the Main Host does not neutralised, and it keeps increasing everytime there is an activity, i already check each VM if the vmtool is running using ESXtop and it seems everything is ok, i already disable Delayed ACK, and it seems it didnt work, any advice would gratefully help.Thanks





      VM1   -      20 GB   Win 7

      VM2   -      10 GB   Win2012

      VM3-         15 GB   Win2008