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    Domain security recognizing VM's internal drive as USB/external

    ptong Novice

      Hey all, I'm not sure this is the right spot for this so please move if necessary.


      I have a Win7 Pro SP1 VM that I'm trying to migrate between domains. The new domain has a lot of different security policies in place, one of which is to block users from accessing or using external drives. This policy is breaking connectivity to our second listed hard drive as if it were an external (it's confirmed that disabling the policy fixes the issue).


      Config of VM drives:

      HD1: 40 GB

      Virtual Device Node: SCSI(0:0)

      HD2: 10 GB

      Virtual Device Node: SCSI(0:1)


      All other settings are the same.


      HD1 is the OS drive and connects without issue, while HD2 is recognized as an external and restricted from access. Does anyone have experience with how VM storage devices present themselves in terms of external vs internal? I've already tried connecting HD2 as IDE etc, no luck.