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    Windows 2012 R2 VM deployed from template- KMS Activation failed

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      Hi community !


      Here's my issue , i didn't find a working solution on vmware and windows threads..


      Template creation :

      I made a base Windows 2012 R2 Standard VM to create a template. This VM has been added in our domain and then, it's auto activated with KMS.

      Next to that, I removed the IP configuration and shutdown the VM then create the template.

      (By the way, i use vCenter 6.0 and ESXis are 5.5 U3)


      VM from template deployment :

      I deployed a VM from the previous template by using a Customization Specification, this one simply do the following things :

      - use the VM's name as computer's name

      - ask NIC1's IP address

      - auto-join to the domain with admin username/password

      - Generate a new SID


      My problem is :Windows is not activated

      even if i tried to quit and join the domain again, i also tried to manually activate and reset activation with slmgr but it failed with the 0x8007232B error.

      Finally, I manually launched a Sysprep OOBE Generalized , do the previous steps again but it still fails.


      Do some of you have any idea for my case ?


      Best regards,