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    VMWare vs Azure virtual machines

    nicole098 Novice

      Hello Folk's,


      I searched the internet but couldnt find an answer. I know that VMWare gives you a true full virtual machine with a assigned NIC card where Azure virtual machine which is connected through Remote Desktop does not do full virtual. Is full virtual the correct terminology used to describe this or am I wrong?


      The reason this came up is because I have both environments to play with at work and have multiple customers with different vpn setup. I've noticed that if split tunneling disabled, I cannot use Microsoft Azure virtual machine and would have to setup on VMWare unless I use something like TeamViewer to connect into the Azure virtual machine.


      One of my customer (customer A), blocks all traffic after the VPN is established. This includes RDP and HTTP, the only way for this to work is to install a virtual machine on VMware and use vSphere to connect in.


      My last question, is it possible to get this one customer A working on Azure? My management team wants the IT shop to be all Microsoft so that means they dont want to use VMware anymore. I've tried using TeamViewer but after connecting to VPN (Cisco Anyconect) the connection to TeamViewer gets disconnected because it runs on 80 HTTP and 443 HTTPS. Any work around on Azure that anyone would like to share? Thanks!