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    NSX 6.4 Linux Guest Introspection not working

    VolksDude Novice

      Hi everyone,


      I have been troubleshooting this for a while and I wonder if people have any ideas. I'm trying to make Guest Introspection work with RHEL7 VM install. I'm currently running this...


      vCenter : 6.5 7515524

      ESXi : 6.5 7526125

      NSX :

      Guest Introspection VMs on all hosts :

      RHEL7.4 VM

      Guest Introspection Service on RHEL7 VM : 6.3.3


      When I try to do Endpoint Monitoring, I don't see any data from a RHEL VM. (Data Collection is enabled but there is no data available yet). However, when I try with a Windows VM, I can see everything in under 5 minutes.


      I changed the debug level and the location of logs for the vsepd service and I can see in the Linux VM the data in the logs but the hypervisor doesn't seem to take it.


      I used the package for RHEL called vmware-nsx-gi-file- That's the latest I could find from VMware's Website.


      I tried with the Open-VM-Tools and the VMware Tools.


      Any ideas what to try next?