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    Run VMmark benchmark automatically

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      In the VMmark 3.0 documentation under section "Running VMmark benchmark" I found a note that it's impossible to run the application without GUI.

      From page 65:

      "NOTE Whichever method you use to start STAX, a VMmark run can be started only from the prime client
      GUI. Runs can’t be started if the prime client is in text only mode or from an SSH session.


      So my question is: Is it really impossible to run it via ssh or trigger it using Invoke-VMScript from PowerCLI?

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          Thank you for your inquiry.  The documentation is correct; currently, the VMmark 3.0 benchmark must be started from the prime client GUI.


          That said, I have passed your feedback onto the development team, and we will consider adding a feature to run the benchmark from PowerCLI or SSH in a future version.