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    [vRA 7.3] - Clone XaaS blueprint and Change some values

    ymichalak Enthusiast

      Hi community,

      we need to duplicate a XaaS blueprint and after we need to change some values and the name of the XaaS cloned.*



      Two solutions :




      - Clone XaaS with the default vRO workflow (Clone a service blueprint)

      - But now it's not possible to automatize the change of some values.... Manually it's not a solution :-)

      - It's possible to change some values in XaaS Blueprint with Actions or other ?


      EXAMPLE value to change :


      CPU default value 4 to 6 for example.





      - Other solution it's to export XaaS blueprint in a package.

      - Parse and change all values in a YAML file.

      - Import Package....All task will be automatized of course.



      Do you have an other IDEA how clone, modify values without manual action of course ?