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    A specified parameter was not correct: spec.pool

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      I am trying to migrate a vm from one host and it datastore to another host. There is no cluster vcenter server. Both hosts have individual datastore. I am automating migration and using Relocate or Migrate methods. but i am getting error when the request for migrating vm is submitted.



      A specified parameter was not correct: spec.pool


      Please suggest me what wrong i am doing here ?


      resource_pool = vm.resourcePool
          print destination_host
          print vm
          print resource_pool


          migrate_priority = vim.VirtualMachine.MovePriority.defaultPriority


          msg = "Migrating %s to destination host %s" % (inputs['vm_name'], inputs['destination_host'])
          print msg
          print destination_host
          print migrate_priority
          print vm


          #Live Migration :: Change host only
          #import pdb;pdb.set_trace();
          #print help(vm.Migrate)
          print dir(vm.Migrate)
          task = vm.Migrate(host=destination_host, priority=migrate_priority)
          print task


          # Wait for Migrate to complete
          wait_for_task(task, si)


      except vmodl.MethodFault, e:
          print "Caught vmodl fault: %s" % e.msg
          return 1
      except Exception, e:
          print "Caught exception: %s" % str(e)
          return 1