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    View Instant Clones Pool provisioning breaks when using OS Optimization Tool (default Windows 10 template).

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      Hope someone can help me out with the following error.



      I am working on a VMware Horizon 7.3.2 environment with only one Windows 10 (Enterprise x64 1607) Instant Clone Pool (+/- 20 desktops).

      Like almost everyone, I use the OS Optimization Tool (OSOT) to optimize the golden/master/base image for VDI. The only thing we change is from the defaults is place a check at "disable the first logon experience".



      Since november 2017 or something the provisioning process breaks after customizing the cp-template machine.

      Cloning the golden/master/base image is successful, it re configures the cp-template, starts-up, and then it times out after 600 seconds (10 minutes).

      After half a day (error created in evening), when I enable provisioning in the morning it is going pass the timeout and provisioning is successful.



      My first thoughts were going to DHCP, DNS and AD, but they are working correctly (monitored all the registrations). The itXXXXXX is member of the AD and also gets an IP-address of the right DHCP server and register it in DNS.

      So continued troubleshooting and it works only correctly when when I don't use the "OS Optimization Tool". It never times out at the above step in the process.


      Error in log:

      Within the Horizon Connection Server logs I see one line of the error without any root cause to search for: 2018-01-17T13:35:46.020+01:00 DEBUG (0D5C-1278) <WFE-01> [WaitForInternalTemplateAction] Internal Template: vm-4377 customization state returns: error.


      Alert in Horizon:

      The error in Horizon View Administrator Console (Desktop Pool) is: After waiting for 600 seconds internal template VM: vm-4377 is still has not finished customization. Giving up!.


      Does one of you experience, read or find a solution for this? Within OSOT a lot of customizations take place and it is searching for a needle in a haystack.

      Thank you in advance.