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    ESXi ZOTAC EI751

    IvanAK87 Lurker

      Hi all,

      Note that im a new to this scenarios.

      I have this ZOTAC with an USB Drive that was 4GB and only 3 were used. And now iv got the following error


      I bought a new USB driver and try to install/fix/reinstall the vSphere that we have it on.

      One Questions is what is on the USB drive that is 3MB and allows the ZOTAC to boot up the vSphere?


      The next question is how to fix it?

      I already download most of the images (iso,zip,vib) and try to make a bootable USB with unetbootin-windows-657, but without success. Some of the error were: "Checking Machine Error" and the new one iv got trying the VMware-VMvisor-Installer-201701001-4887370.x86_64 was the following:



      Any Ideas on this?

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          MBouillon Novice

          Hi IvanAK87,


          A couple of things to try..  First, verify that the ISO is not corrupt by verifying the MD5 checksum.  If things look fine there, reformat the USB stick or try a new USB stick and then try reinstalling ESXi.


          Also, did a quick look on Zotac's website and didn't find anything that would indicate the device would support ESXi.



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            A13x Hot Shot

            The ZOTAC is not supported by vmware and is missing from the compatibility checker. The only thing that might be worth trying is to create your own esxi installer disk with the drivers you require embedded.