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    Unable to View Item Details of Provisioned Azure Deployments

    rmav01 Enthusiast

      Hi all,


      I'm using the out of the box Azure blueprints to deploy devices. They provision as expected but when I try to view the Item Details for them the loading mask spins for awhile and eventually errors out with something like:



      This behavior is seen on two instances I have, one a 7.2, and another a 7.3. Opening up catalina.out on the vRealize Automation appliance I see this peppered in the log:


      2018-01-25 14:52:52,384 vcac: [component="cafe:shell" priority="ERROR" thread="tomcat-http--1" tenant="azure" context="k9OI17bf" parent="" token="k9OI17bf"] com.vmware.vcac.shell.service.ErrorServiceImpl.logToApacheCommons:59 - <a28f4ddb> Unexpected exception was caught

      com.google.gwt.core.shared.SerializableThrowable: The connection to vCenter Orchestrator server timed out.

              at Unknown.xf(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.Cf(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.Kf(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.new RId(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.pQc(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.nQc(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.w9d(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.z9d(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.Mae(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.Pae(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.eval(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.xg(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.Ag(item-0.js) ~[?:?]

              at Unknown.eval(item-0.js) ~[?:?]


      Only KB I can find around this is a 6.2 fix. Since my instances are 7.x I'm a little worried about applying this.


      I have noticed that when I try to load a type Azure:VirtualMachine from a workflow run it takes forever to pull (might be the way the get logic was implemented, or the API call behind the scenes used), so I can see why this occurs.


      Anyone run into this before?