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    SRM 5.8 - "Unable to copy the modified configuration file"

    DarthnosimaJ Lurker

      Hello all


      We recently started our annual SRM testing and have been running across the following error more frequently that I would like.


      Error - Unable to copy the modified configuration file '[snap-471a71a5-1_ataprod_02] <Guest>/<Guest>.vmx' to the host. The edited file is at 'C:\Windows\TEMP\vmware-SYSTEM\<Guest>.vmx-out297-179' Failed to copy file 'C:\Windows\TEMP\vmware-SYSTEM\<Guest>.vmx-out297-179' to '[snap-471a71a5-1_ataprod_02] <Guest>/<Guest>.vmx': 3 - The operation experienced a network error.


      In most instances I have been able to clean up the test and re run it and it worked fine. However, today I have one SRM test that has received this message the three times I have run it.


      I have not been able to find any information on this exact error in my searching so I am hopeful that someone here will be able to help.


      We are running

      vSphere 5.5 (Yes I Know)



      We recently applied an updated to vSphere and SRM. This had the unfortunate side effect of breaking SRM. Long story short after working with VMware we had to rebuild all our IP Customization rules after cleaning up that table in the Database. Prior to this SRM was working fine as far as I know, however no "formal" testing was done for several months prior to the update.


      I am happy to provide other information if needed, but as I said above, I was hopeful that someone had seen this and knew the solution off the top of their head