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    Need Help With Home Lab Configuration

    Sinjin Novice

      Hi All,


      I have been "volunteered" by my company to learn and eventually take the VMware certification exam so I am in the process of trying to build a home lab box.


      I have done several searches but could not find a definitive answer on the following:


      Will the LSI Logic MegaRaid 150-4 work on VI3.x?


      What is the cheapest SATA controller known to work?


      I purchased an Adaptec 2610SA but failed to realize it won't work in my PCI slots (does it need a 64bit PCI-X?).


      Any mobo suggestions (if I need to get the 2610 to work)?


      I did find confirmation that the 150-4 does work on ESX 2.5.3 but if VI3 certification is the goal then I better get working on VI3 right?


      This is all out of pocket for me and I have a baby on the way in January so cost effective solutions would be most helpful.


      Any help or directions on what everyone is using as a lab box setup would be great also.


      BTW great resource here,  I've learned alot just lurking. Thanks everyone!



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