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    ERROR: Task failed on server: Module 'CPUID' power on failed.

    Pedro Paz Lurker

      Hi vTeam, I hope you're all doing well.

      I'm creating a nested VMware LAB where I have 1 physical server (Dell OptiPlex 790) with 16GB of RAM and 2 Physical Processors. I've installed ESXi on this server and inside I've created 2 VMs with ESXi installed on each (one with 11GB RAM for vCenter and the other with 5GB RAM for DC & DNS + Windows 7 and OpenFiler). I can easily create VMs on it but when I tried to deploy VCSA 6.5 if fails when it reaches 80% with this error: "Task failed on server: Module 'CPUID' power on failed.", any ideas, could you please help me? Thanks a lot in advance and hope to hear from you all as soon as possible guys, cheers.