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    VCSA 6 disk full?

    gregarican Novice

      I noticed I couldn't log into the vSphere web client. So trying to log into the VCSA using the SSH CLI I then received an error that I couldn't connect to the server. So I couldn't drop down to the shell. If I tried to restart the VCSA services there were multiple errors due to the disk being full. The only connectivity that can be had is SSH'ing into the ESXi hosts. I could use the Dell iDRAC's Virtual Console to enabled the shell and SSH, so I could then access them via the CLI. When I look in the CLI at disk space I can see the datastore is at 91%, which is expected.


      But it's the individual VCSA guest that is maxed out on disk space. Likely due to log files not being rotated correctly and accruing over time. I recall having to clear them out in the past. It's been awhile, so I figure I need to do this again.


      How I can SSH into the VCSA in order to accomplish this? I cannot enable the shell. Issuing the shell.set --enabled True results in a command not found error. So I'm at a loss right now

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