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    Anyone experiencing file locks (EXE) with Shared Folders?

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      VMWare WorkStation 14.1.1, on Windows 10 x64 Pro host... I have set up a Shared Folder between my VM's (3 to be precise, all running Windows 10 x64 Pro) to exchange some files, R/W access for all...

      Each time I put an executable (.EXE) from one VM and copy it from any other - it gets locked, the only way to fix it for me is to shutdown all VM's or to use something like procexp from SysInternals to find the handle(s) and force close... No issues with exchanging DLL's or other file types so far (for me at least), only EXE... And Antivirus doesn't seem to be a problem - I have none (windows defender disabled on all host and guests)...


      An instance of vmware-vmx.exe seems to keep those handles open...

      Anyone experiencing the same?

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          To me this smells like antivirus doing its job..Sorry, read too fast... you mentioned antivirus, then the answer is "No" not seeing this down here.




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