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    Distributed Router Control VM

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      Hi All,


      I am doing NSX hands on lab and need some understanding  on  

      1:distributed  router control vm

      2:distributed router



      is DR which is kernel module on esxi hosts represented as distributed router control vm in inventory .


      below is the screen shot of the lab .



      THanks in advance.

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          NSX DLR control Plane is handled by DLR Control VM and via NSX Controllers Routes are pushed to underlying ESXI hosts. So what you see in the GUI is DLR Control VM and data plane is distributed in every ESXI host. DLR Kernel module will help us to route between different subnets,however if there is a demand for dynamic routing DLR Control VM is mandatory and the control VM functionality/deployment is not required if the demand is only for static route.Each ESXi host has its own copy of each configured DLR instance. Each DLR instance has its own unique set of tables containing the information needed to forward packets. This information is synchronized across all hosts where this DLR instance exists. Instances of an individual DLR across different hosts have exactly the same information.Routing is always handled by a DLR instance on the same host where the source VM is running. This means that when source and destination VMs are on different hosts, the DLR instance that provides routing between them sees packets only in one direction, from source VM to destination. Return traffic is only seen by the corresponding instance of the same DLR on the destination VM’s host(High-Level DLR Packet Flow )


          In the below screenshot we have a Logical Router deployment with Control VM Edge Appliance selected.

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            Hi sree,

            Thanks for the response .

            but i still did not get this .we have a requirement of enabling dynamic route between edge service gateway and DLR so control vm is needed .

            do we need to deploy controlvm (is it applince form factor) or is it some kernel module which is pushed during host preparation.





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              If dynamic routing is required you need to deploy Control VM which is nothing but a appliance it is not a kernel module . The basic difference between NSX Edge and DLR is Edge is one entity which contains both Control Plane and Data Plane , however when it comes to DLR - Control Plane functionality is handled by Control VM and data plane is residing in ESXI host. I hope that clarifies your query.

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                Preetam Zare Expert

                For Dynamic routing DLR Control VM is required.


                Yes, you have to deploy control VM. As you rightly mentioned below, it is checkbox you have to tick. that is it.

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