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    Resource modification(increase or decrease cpu and memory) on existing VM which has been deployed using vRA blueprint.

    kampraja Lurker

      Hello Guys,


      Can anyone help me to understand if we have any document available which explains End to End life cycle of resource modification.

      Example : 1. Deployed vm by using blueprint , while deployment process it will interact IaaS component(WAPI are the first one to take request and convert to xml and pass to Repository for resource check from SQL Database ant then DEM-W/O etc) to completed the vm deployment.

      2. Same way if i am using existing vm(Deployed from vRA) which has 2 CPU and 4 GB Memory now i wanted to modify the resources from 2 to 4 CPU and 4 to 8 GB Memory, So during this process will it interact with IaaS service to complete the process(which i think no) or vRO workflow will drive the process of resource modification, looking detail explanation.?

      2. Also if performing start/stop operation on VM from vRA what all service it will use to complete the process e.g will it use IaaS component etc.?


      Thanks so much in advance.