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    vSphere SDK / API wmks.min.js Idle Timeout

    Munkey102v Lurker

      Hi there,


      We have developed our own client portal for various reason beyond the scope of this discussion, however we have hit a snag and I would greatly appreciate any input or assistance in this regard:


      The problem we are experiencing is that when a customer opens a console screen to his VM but is not active on it that it automatically closes the session after about 30 seconds. I have tested this where I opened a session just Desktop with explorer window open on a VM then it disconnects after 30 seconds. If however I open a command prompt and do a simple localhost ping then the console screen stays open for 2 hours with zero other interaction with the console.


      We are using WMKS.buildNumber = "4504321", WMKS.version = "2.1.0"


      We are not able to find anything that is forcing this disconnect nor any parameter to send when connecting to the console to keep it open for N minutes. I.e. unable to set an Idle Timeout.


      Any help or pointers in this regard would be massively appreciated.





      EDIT: We are not using vCloud director at all, this is a vanilla portal using vCenter v6 APIs only.


      Thanks much for any assistance.