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    VMware Workstation Player 14.1.1 cannot open VMs due to non-existence of libvmware-unity-helper.so

    magmaiceman Lurker

      Fresh install of VMware Workstation Player 14.1.1.  Whether I create new VM from scratch and then subsequently try to open it, OR if I try to open existing VMs that have been in use (on older versions of VMware Player) for years, the operation fails.  The VM is not 'opened' and as such the settings cannot be examined nor can it be started up.


      Doing an strace of the vmplayer executable I see where it appears to fail.  It tries to run vmware-unity-player, and this fails:


      10901 write(3, "2018-01-13T20:24:42.544-05:00| appLoader| W115: Cannot find /usr/lib/vmware/lib/libvmware-unity-helper.so/libvmware-unity-helper.so\n", 132) = 132

      10901 write(3, "2018-01-13T20:24:42.544-05:00| appLoader| W115: Unable to execute /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-unity-helper\n", 106) = 106


      Sure enough I looked, and there is no libvmware-unity-helper.so installed anywhere.


      How can a fresh install be missing a library that is required?