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    Issues after upgrading to Horizon View 7.4

    davidpatrickLevett Novice

      We just recently upgraded our View Environment to 7.4.0-7400497 including composer service 7.4.0-7312595 and new agent etc, not long after the installation we had a number of pools go offiine with the message "error" missings and waiting for agent". The error was effecting non persistent stateless pools and on demand provisioning pools, our persona pools seems to be fine...weird.

      Over night we have reverted back the composer service to 7.3.2 including our two connection servers to 7.3.2. So far things are working fine again.


      Our Hosts are running on VMware ESXi, 6.5.0, 7388607 with vCenter Windows Version Build 597332.


      I am just wondering if anyone has expereinced any issues after upgrading to View 7.4,




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          Bouda0175 Novice

          I have similar issue on my desktop pools with Windows 10 LTSB 2016 and View Agent 7.4

          When I looked to the event Viewr, I saw this error:

          I can confirm this error on two different infrastructures. When I switched back to Agent 7.3.1, everything works.


          Any idea?


          I think, it is time for support.

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            davidpatrickLevett Novice

            As I mentioned we have removed all 7.4 Horizon view components and reinstalled 7.3.2, all our pools have been working fine since going back and with no issues experienced at all. My feeling is the issue is within the connection servers (Brokers), possibly the Adam database. At this stage we will be staying with 7.3.2. Also I do agree totally with you, the next step will be a support ticket.



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              DanielLenz Novice

              Linked and Instant Clones worked like a charm after update 7.2.0 -> 7.4.0.


              Just had trouble with a manual clone that got updated with Agent 7.4.0. VM was in state "waiting for agent".  Workaround was:

              1.) Remove UEM Agent, App Volumes Agent and Horizon Agent

              2.) install the Horizon Agent again. Then UEM and AV agents.

              3.) Afterwards I had to remove the VM from the pool.

              4.) Power off the VM.

              5.) Re-add VM to the pool.

              6.) Power on the VM.

              VM then was available again.