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    Windows 2012R2 and ESXi 6.5U1

    Balteck71 Novice

      I'm using ghettoVCB 2016-11-20 on ESXi 6.5U1 and I got an issue with Windows 2012 r2 VM to backup.


      The VM is configurated with 2 vmdk (one for system and one for data) thin provisioned vmdk.


      I can backup the VM with ghettoVCB (thin format, quiesce file system), but when I try to power on the clone VM, Windows 2012 doens't boot because  the system volume has read-only, hidden, No Default Drive Letter and shadow copy all set to Yes


      Following KB2001611: VMware Knowledge Base  , I can fix the system volume and the VM boots correctly. Any services works as expected (MS SQL, IIS, AD, DCHP and so on..).


      Why so strange behaviour? I always powered on ghettoVCB backup VMs without any issue at all (Linux, Windows, SCO) in previous version of ESXi.


      I hope some gurus may help me.


      Thanks in advance